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Do I have to pay?

There is no charge for our services. However, Pregnancy Crisis Care is a Registered Charity: 1153438, and we are responsible for our own funding. Should you wish to make a donation, there is a donation bucket in our entrance lobby, or online donations can be made at:

Can I just drop in?

No. We do not currently run a drop in service. Please call for an appointment on 01752 246788. Messages on the phone lines are retrieved out of hours, and our policy is to ensure people are contacted within 24 hours. When we return your call, we will not leave a message on your answer-phone unless you tell us it is safe to do so. We prioritise unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy testing appointments.

Do you have scanning facilities at your centre?

No. We are a not medical centre; you will need to contact your GP to arrange a scan at the hospital. There are private clinics available that offer scans, though there is a cost involved. We offer counselling, support and signposting.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes. Clients can attend sessions on their own, or with a partner, parent, carer, family member, friend or other professional worker.

Are you going to tell me what to do?

No. We fully support and respect a woman's right to make an informed choice. Our organisation exists to support the woman in crisis, providing a safe, impartial space for her to explore her feelings about her pregnancy.

Can I book a termination with you?

No. We offer counselling, support and information for all options relating to unplanned pregnancy. We are not part of the medical referral system for termination but can provide you with accurate information and signposting as needed.