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If you have experienced any form of baby loss you may find it helpful to talk to someone. Baby loss includes the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, newborn death or termination for medical purposes.

We can help you work through your grief, offering a sensitive recovery programme to support you (and your partner) for as long as is needed. To find out more about how we could help you, or to make an appointment, please call us on 01752 246788.

Our free, impartial, confidential sessions are available either individually (for women or men, with or without partners) or in a group (when available).

Charlette's story (with permission) »

Charlette lost her baby at 18 weeks when he was diagnosed with Triploidy - a rare chromosomal abnormality.

Charlette was 24 years old when she and her partner of nine years Karl Lee discovered she was pregnant. She was over the moon but began to worry at her 12-week scan. "I was spotting blood a bit during those 12 weeks but nothing major and the doctors didn't seem to be worried."

"At 15 weeks I had another scan - they told me then that something wasn't quite right with the baby. I went to see a consultant and they said that my baby was measuring too small; my consultant did tests and sat me down and told me I had three options. I could terminate it, I could carry on with the pregnancy, or I could have a test called chorionic villus sampling (CVS) to see what was wrong with the baby - I had to be stabbed through my stomach so they can remove tiny tissue sample from my placenta."

Charlette decided to go through with the test and later discovered that her baby was diagnosed with Triploidy. "I kept thinking I had done something wrong. I thought there might be something bad with my genes." Charlette gave birth to her baby boy at 18 weeks - she later named him Jax. A month after losing her baby, the 24-year-old struggled to come to terms with what had happened and asked for support from Pregnancy Crisis Care.

"My mum volunteers at the Foodbank and a member of staff told her about the charity. Mum called and left a message. Julie rang me back straight away and told me to come in. I told her about everything that had happened. I was crying the whole time."

Charlette fell pregnant again in April last year and gave birth to her baby daughter, Alexis Lee, on December 2 2015.

"I felt like I hadn't given myself enough time to get over Jax. I thought people would judge me for falling pregnant again so soon. I felt so nervous when I went to tell Julie but she said it was brilliant news - I just cried. Julie kept telling me to try and think positively and I had to distance the two babies. I was adamant that my baby was going to die."

Now Charlette is seeing Julie once a month and is the proud mum of baby Alexis, but she admits she doesn't know where she would be without the Plymouth charity.

She says: "I would be lost without Pregnancy Crisis - I used to suffer from depression when I was younger. Before I fell pregnant with Jax I was off the tablets - I didn't want to go back on them after I lost him. Julie helped me do that - she helped me tackle my depression in a different way. I can't thank Julie and Pregnancy Crisis Care enough. I never thought I would get to this place. I never thought I would have another baby!

I hope by telling my story that I can help someone else who might be going through the heartache I went through. I just want to make sure that people know that there is help out there."

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